I don’t care much for leftovers. I’ll tolerate them on occasion, but if I can take something old and tired and turn it into something new and fresh, or, more importantly, into something that I want to eat and not something I have to eat, then that’s a good day in the kitchen.

So yesterday, I took our left over ham and made scalloped potatoes. It had been years since I made this. It tasted so good; we devoured the whole thing that night.

When five out of six of my circus troupe loves something, well that also makes for a good day.

Which is why I decided to make it again tonight. I had all the ingredients and only about 30 minutes to dedicate to cooking a meal. I figured since everyone really loved it last night, they would love it again tonight.

Not so. Every time someone asked, “What’s for dinner?” and I replied, “Scalloped Potatoes” they all had the same, perplexed reaction, “Again?”

I’ve attached the recipe in case you are so inclined, but a word to the wise, don’t make it on consecutive nights (just double the recipe so you have plenty of leftovers).

p.s. Using a mandoline makes prep-time fast and easy.

(Click on the recipe (below) to download and print out)

scalloped potatoes

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