I hate chain letters. And yet, I’m too superstitious to disregard them. It must be the threat of death, dismemberment and financial ruin that motivates me to action.

Having said that, I realize it’s odd that I would initiate my own chain letter of sorts.

You see, I was nominated for the 2010 Weblog Awards. I have no idea what it means to be nominated, or to win for that matter, but if I’m nominated, then I prefer to win.

I’m praying there won’t be any awkward moments captured on my iChat camera when they announce the winner, and rather than showing the winner, they pan to all the disappointed losers.

But I’m not willing to take that chance. So I’m asking for your help. We just might have a shot at winning, if all of you could vote. And then, maybe, if it’s not too much trouble, you could ask you friends, your family, your hairdresser, maybe even your mailman to vote.

And, rather than threaten you, I thought I would reward you. In fact, this is officially our first giveaway. I will give a TodsCircus t-shirt to twenty-five lucky voters. (Please, God, let there by 25 voters).

Once you voted, post a comment to this post, saying, “I voted.” If you recruited friends to vote, then post another comment saying, “I’m a recruiter.” For each of your posts, I will put your name in the Top Hat for a chance to win a t-shirt. Votes must be placed by January 12th.

To vote, go to: http://2010.bloggies.com/

Scroll to the right to find the Best Kept Secret and Best New weblog categories. Cast your vote for TodsCircus. (Note: You have to vote for 3 blogs in each category, and it can’t be TodsCircus three times, because I tried that already. Pick two other blogs or make something up).

Thanks for the help. I’ll keep you posted on how we do. In either case, you might win a t-shirt!


  1. OK, I will vote as soon as I can find out how. I am going to buy a t shirt for Pat. The one with the red hand that says “handy.” You know that big red hand reminds me of the time……………………. OK Janeen I will buy you the balance one. Surely I should also have one of those! Love the blog. How many votes do you have Ringmaster?

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