This time of year, when the kids are preparing for their annual Christmas Pageants, I always remember the time our Strongman was in preschool and getting ready for his first pageant.

He knew it was an important event and that he would need to dress up for occasion. He was really excited.

When the time came to get ready, I offered up a few handsome outfits for him to choose from. I was surprised that he had already chosen his outfit. He would be going as a pirate. That’s right. A pirate.

Despite my many attempts to explain that ‘dressing up’ meant fancy clothes and not costumes, he insisted on the pirate outfit.

And being the circus freaks that we are, and the fact that he was only four years old and really wanted to express his own personal style, we consented.

And he looked AWESOME. He was the best-looking Christmas pirate in the whole class.

That was my favorite Christmas Pageant.


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