I got a call today. From school. When I see that caller ID, my heart skips a beat, followed by a moment of panic. Is something wrong? Is someone sick? Did someone forget something?

Today, it was the Strongman. All he said was, “Mom?” I glanced at the clock and knew exactly what the problem was. It was lunchtime. ALREADY! I forgot to drop off his lunch. And unless I sprang into action, I would have two other phone calls coming my way.

There goes my ‘parent of the day’ award.

Note to self: Send lunches to school in the morning, so you don’t forget to deliver them.


  1. brings back memories of my son who more than once forgot his lunch…I would be the “save the day mom” who would drive up to the school and drop off his lunch more than once.
    Then one of his teachers said..”let him go without lunch one day ..and he won’t forget to pick up his lunch on the way out of the house tomorrow.”
    It worked!

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