I’m not one to get too upset about spills or breaks. I kind of expect that with kids.

The clown, on the other hand, can get a little annoyed, especially if something of his gets broken. So when he backed over the Strongman’s bicycle today, the brand new bike that Santa just brought on Christmas, I had to laugh.

Honestly, I’m in no position to criticize. Two months ago, I ran over our dog. (She’s fine, and to my defense, she was laying under the car where I couldn’t see her and she didn’t bother to move when I turned on the car).

So when he came into the house and said, “I ran over Sam’s bike,” and continued, “Sorry, it was an accident,” I found it ironic.

Those are the same words the kids use when they break something. It kind of gives you a fresh perspective when you are the one doing the breaking.

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