As the year comes to a close, many of my work clients are preparing for a new fiscal year. There are planning meetings, strategy meetings, and budget meetings. The outcomes of these meetings largely depend on the current state of affairs, the basic ‘Where are we now?” and “Where do we want to be?” questions. From there, goals, objectives, tactics, resources and budgets are set for the year.

It got me thinking, that as a parent, I should be doing the same planning, the same ‘taking stock’. But the reality is, life gets so busy that we rarely take time to assess what we are doing, what we should be doing and where we want to grow as a family.

As parents, we want to teach our kids responsibility, accountability and a strong work ethic, but we rarely allow them responsibilities.

So, at TodsCircus, we are officially taking-stock of our family’s performance, and frankly, there is much work to be done! We are looking at a complete ‘Turn Around’ situation.

Our first order of business is to define our family philosophy and develop our family mission statement.

Let the planning begin.

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