We are trying to have more family dinners, trying to carve out just an hour each day for the family to gather, and eat, and laugh, and talk.

It sounds elementary, but we’ve gotten lazy and fallen into a bad habit of having ‘free’ dinners. We blame it on sports, or work, or other silly excuses, but mostly everyone is just plain exhausted by 6 o’clock and they just want a little R&R.

Too bad. Family dinners are mandatory. Some people are happy about this, others are disgruntled. Too bad.

They are important. I didn’t realize how important they were until we got lazy. They teach us manners, respect and tolerance. They allow us to build relationships and express our feelings.

And when the players get cranky and start to argue, we have a jar of conversation starters that a very special friend made for us.

There is always something talk about, as long as we make the time.


  1. Now that my kids are older, they look back on the family dinners we have every night with pride. They say we are “rare” compared to their friends’ families. They actually like that we are doing something together that the other kids are missing with their families. And such a simple thing, really! The kids are proud about it when they talk to their friends. They finally understand Mark and I and what we have created as a family. And that’s nice. Try to continue it if you can…you know it’s worth it and there is so much to gain. Soon you won’t even need the conversation jar-everyone will be talking over each other for a chance to be listened to! 🙂

  2. This is sooo important to us as well! I cherish that time together. We always go around the table and share our favorite part of the day. Talk about conversation starters 🙂 miss u all!

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